Saturday, June 2, 2012

From ‘the sage and the housewife’ by shanta kelkar

“Once you are relieved of the burden of culture, any potential will be exposed. What stands in the way is the culture, all the teachers and what they have taught.”

U.G.’s favourite line is, “There is no freedom in America, no communism in Russia, and no spirituality in India.”

U.G. casually remarked that before the “Calamity” he was rather surprised to read about the fact that an “enlightened” man’s faeces did not have the usual decomposed smell. He took this information rather skeptically. But after the “Calamity” he found that whenever he would be in the toilet the faeces smelt like mango or raspberry or strawberries. He wondered why. The doctors who examined him for his gullet complaint told him that his stomach lining had lost its sensitivity completely, the acids no longer secreted in his stomach, the food was not acted upon but went straight to the intestines. The stomach acted just like a vent or a pipe for the food to go to the intestines, and this retained its original odour even when it came out as waste. There was less decomposition in the system.

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