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From ‘Ananda Yoga. Conversations on Happiness’ by Mandakini Trivedi - 1

‘Why not start living right now in That State in which you will eventually live after you have attained. Let the goal become the path, this very moment. There is nowhere to reach. Why waste time in future imaginings. Live the Truth here and now. That is the ultimate sadhana.’

….. his favourite shloka from the Avadhoota Gita. ……..
प्रमादेंन न संदेह: किं करिष्यामि वृत्तिमान
उत्पद्यन्ते विलीयन्ते बुद्बुदाश्य यथा जले

As bubbles arise and dissolve in water, psychological states come and go. What can sentimental souls who identify with these illusive states, ever hope to achieve?

When the vasana arises, calm it – wash your hands and feet and drink a couple of glasses of water. Kama is of the form of agni or fire and needs to be cooled down and water is a coolant. Even this simple little ritual, will help cope with kama vasanas and allow the reckless impulse to pass over.

Stay away from dukhka (negativity), arguments, mental stress, offensive thoughts and people, worldly talk and inane conversation. A sadhaka especially, must consciously and thoughtfully stay away from these.

Disciple: ……..what do you mean by my mind?

Babaji: I mean the sum total of your preferences, prejudices, likes, dislikes, stale memories of past experiences and concepts of morality, ideals and all the ideas that make you take a ‘stand’ on matters. When this mind dies, your world also dies. And then you will be able to see the world as it is, in God. You will then stop evaluating, judging and criticizing people, and in turn be unaffected by their evaluation and criticism.

Use all five fingers while eating. The fingers release digestive juices when they are used for eating. ……. Try to be whole and gathered, in whatever you do.

Our nature is shaped by whatever our senses hold or absorb.

Now, if you apply this truth to the food you eat, then it means that you become what you eat. Unlike plants, we cannot make our own food. We therefore need to get it from outside. Both plants and animals are living, but plants don’t have vasanas, lusts, or cravings. Their nature is to give. Therefore, if you eat plants, fruits etc. their non-violent and generous nature will be ingested by you. On the contrary, if you eat animals, who are always full of vasanas and aggression you will absorb these. ……… For a sadhaka especially, non-vegetarian food is positively harmful.

If you have dirty unkempt feet, your mind can never be clean and calm. Vital nerve centers are located in the feet, and are in turn, connected to vital centers in the brain. A yogi’s feet must be like a baby’s. That is why, all our gods and goddesses are known to have feet that are soft and pure like a lotus.

To a disciple who was sitting with his legs spread out.

Babaji: Never spread your legs like that. Always close the circuit of the body so as not to dissipate energies. Especially while meditating, you must close all the circuits of the body and seal energies, in order to redirect them upwards.

…… Shaking the legs and feet nervously is a very common problem. It seems insignificant, but tremendous vital energies are lost in such mindless activity.

Hate, doubt, shame, fear and disgust, these five, pride of your family and character and finally all concepts; these are the eight bondages. Bound by these you become a jiva (individual contracted consciousness), free of these you are sadashiva, always in a state of shivahood – joyful, free and all-encompassing.

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