Saturday, June 2, 2012

From ‘Know Thy-self’ by G K Pradhan

….we must know how to remain with the problem, to look at it without translating it according to our wishes, beliefs or traditions. If we wish to understand the problem, we must be free from all these things and look at it directly. ……..if we can look at it, only look at it and not try to dissolve it or find a solution for it, then we shall discover that the mind itself is a creator of the problem; but that requires a great deal of understanding, penetration, insight and awareness without any choice or object or an ideal.

The mind that can look at a fact without opinion, without judgement, without a conclusion, prejudice or projections, is free and a free mind brings it own authority.

The only way to meet sorrow is to be without any resistance, to be without any movement of thought, outwardly or inwardly, to remain totally with sorrow, without wanting to go beyond it.

Our problem is how to be free from all conditioning: …….begin to experiment, to inquire, to discover and find for yourself ……..There is no use of analysis of your dreams or of introspection. You must put all authority aside. …….. To discover God, truth, enlightenment or self-realisation, the mind must also be aware of the interval between thoughts or feelings. The interval is spontaneous, it is not brought about by the thought through any compulsion. …….there are gaps, intervals between two thoughts. There is a period of silence; note that. ……..that is not of time; that is not of the past……..

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