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From ‘Ananda Yoga. Conversations on Happiness’ by Mandakini Trivedi - 2

Disciple: So how will ‘aumkara sadhana’ help?

Babaji: The three syllable, ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’ have to be individually recited and awakened in different centres of the spine.
Visualising the form of ‘aum’ in his body, the sadhaka has to, while reciting and elongating the syllable ‘A’ trace this first matra or digit of aum by taking his Consciousness from the navel center (manipur chakra) to the lower most center (muladhara chakra) at the perineum.
Then climbing up along the spine, at the heart center, the syllable ‘U’ has to be recited. Again, elongating the sound of this syllable ‘U’, Consciousness has to be raised along the spine tracing the second matra of this mantra.
Finally, the ‘M’ sound has to be recited at the center of the head and brought down to the top of the nose while reciting at the center of the head and brought down to the tip of the nose while reciting this final matra of the mantra. The entire recitation has to be completed in one single exhalation. When the sacred syllable ‘AUM’ is recited this way, electro-magnetic energy fields will be created within the sadhaka that will unleash his hidden energies and potentials.

……… when you sit for meditation, wash your face, hands (upto the elbows) and feet.

Meditating at the same time, activates the inner clock. The sandhi kalas (sunrise and sunset) the brahma muhurata (3 a.m.) and the time around midnight are good for meditation. ……..

Ideally, you should sit in padmasana, but if you cannot, then take a pillow and sit on it in such a way, that the knee points touch the floor. Put the right palm over the left one and let the thumbs touch each other. This is to close the body circuit or else energies are dissipated. The spine must be erect to allow the energies to rise. Then sit still with eyes closed. First, visualize the guru in between the eyebrow center ………

While meditating, if the mouth is filled with saliva, drink that. It is amrita, the life giving nectar. If there is any perspiration while meditating, rub it into the body.

………. One hour or meditation is superior to puja and archana done for a whole year.

Sadhana should be done naturally and should deepen gradually.

…… even reciting the Lalitasahasranama just once, can enlighten you. Recite it single-mindedly, with total awareness and identification with the meaning of each name, taking care that no fugitive thoughts impinge on this ekagrata.

Once in a way try to get up in the middle of the night and practice meditation. At such times, the sense organs are not restless due to fewer distractions and gross sensory stimulations.

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयः।
सर्वे भद्रणिपश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःख भाग भवेत्॥

Let all beings be happy, let all beings be in a disease free state.
Let all have the auspicious vision of Life,
Let there be no sorrow anywhere.
Let there be peace, peace, and peace.

The body looks handsome, the wife attractive, fame spreads far and wide, wealth enormous and stable like mount Meru; but of what consequence are all these, if the mind is not riveted in devotion to the lotus feet of the Guru, teacher? Really of what use is all this, what use, what use?

……. Breathing. You take 21,600 breaths per day. Each of these is a glorious opportunity to awaken. Between each inhalation and exhalation, there is a subtle gap. In the small gap wherein you breathe neither in nor out, the mind becomes vacant. Through this gap the Self peeps. By practice you have to learn to become more alert so that you can observe this cessation of breath and hence of thought. As you practice, this gap will go on expanding and you will dissolve in that emptiness and void.

Kabir has said, ‘prem gali ati sakari, tin mei dau na samay’ – The lane of Love is narrow – two cannot walk on it.

Tur dal, he would say, is very heavy and tamasika. A sadhaka should restrict its consumption to the minimum. It is advisable for a sadhaka to consume mung dal
• The kernel of a cauliflower has great nutritional value, never throw it away.
• Peas are tasty but do not have much in terms of nutrition. Always use them only for taste and decoration.
• Raw onions are good for the eyes and roasted onions are good for the brain.
• Green chillies are not harmful; it is their seeds that cause damage. Always remember to deseed them before using.
• The skin of an apple constipates; always peel an apple and eat it.
• A single almond, if rubbed and made into a paste, has far more nutritional value than a handful of almonds. Always soak and peel an almond before eating it.

Bitter honey, he would say is a rarity and has the greatest medicinal value.

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