Friday, July 1, 2011

From ‘The Last Talks’ by J.Krishnamurti

When you do not know what is the cause of suffering, how it can be ended – you don’t know, right? So remain in that state and find out. …… don’t try to find an answer, but find out if you have understood the question – the depth of the question or the superficiality of the question or the meaninglessness of the question. ……. Then you will find that the question itself has a tremendous energy.

What is life? What is the origin of all this – the marvelous earth, the lovely evening and the early morning sun, the rivers, the valleys, the mountains and the glory of the land which is being despoiled? If you say the origin of all this is ‘God’, then it's finished; then You can trot along quite happily because you’ve solved the problem. But if you begin to question, doubt, as one should, all gods, all gurus – I don’t belong to that tribe – if you begin to question all that man has put together through a long evolution down the corridors of history, you find this question asked: What is the beginning? What is the origin? How has all this come about?

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