Sunday, July 24, 2011

From ‘The Flute Calls Still’ by Dilip Kumar Roy

… Raman Maharshi ….to a western seeker: …… ‘…… why this frantic desire to help others when you can’t help even your helpless self? I would rather solve my own problems first if I were you, for then we would stand a far better chance of solving the intricate problems of the world and helping humanity with our nostrums’

…. What Sri Ramdas said to a devotee:

“The signs of a man who has realized the Truth are six: (1) He is conscious that he is immortal, not subject to birth, growth, decay and death. This knowledge abides with him at all times. (2) He has no fears. Fear comes only when we think we are the body. When we know we are the Immortal Spirit, then fear leaves us automatically. (3) The sense of sin is absent in him … (4) He feels he is reborn in the Spirit and a new life has dawned in which there is only Peace, Bliss and Immortality ….. (5) He has no reason to be unhappy on any account … Bliss will be pouring out of him. (6) He attracts everybody towards him. He is ever gentle, cheerful, loving and smiling.”

And he went on to qualify his statement thus: “This is only the external sign. The other five signs are known to him only.”

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