Saturday, July 23, 2011

From ‘Intuitive Intelligence. A Play: Within and Without’ by Dada Gavand

Like an autumn tree
That sheds all it's leaves.
When the mind
Stands denuded and empty
Of all it's fluttering leaves
Of desires and dreams,
It becomes ready
To receive the heavenly showers

When the consciousness is tranquil, serene, and clear as a placid lake or fresh as a sparkling dew drop, it reflects the intrinsic truth and the beauty of life spontaneously. There remains no barrier, no qualitative difference between consciousness and the creation. Thus, the feeling of separation between oneself and reality is eliminated and the experience of unity with life is established.

Such transformation of the consciousness into a crystal clear and immaculate energy, gives an experience of the timeless and the mind force dissolves to become a part of the reality itself.

When the primordial energy drive is watched,
Impersonally perceived and understood,
Witnessed in it's entire manifestation
Without any involvement,
It begins to move inwards
And rise upwards
He who tames and channelizes
This wild primordial energy,
Becomes the intuitive wise one.

Man’s only challenge is to rise to the level of alert, attentive inwardness so that the benediction from the cosmic energy field will be able to strike like lightning:

Feeling without thought
A longing without desire
Experiencing without an idea

Such a unique state without the thought-mind, like the evening cloud that remains just sensitive, attentive and receptive, is a hope for mankind. He, who is aware, inward and humble will absorb and reflect the cosmic wisdom which will transform him and uplift him unto his own glory.

To catch a rabbit one has to travel faster than the rabbit to overtake it. To capture the mind, one has to be dynamically aware of it, intensely vigilant over it, and attentive and alert in the present moment. This sensitive attentiveness unfolds Intuitive Intelligence. Such dynamicity of the intuitive faculty can take one beyond oneself and give the touch of that benevolent unknown.

The mind begins to grow old and rigid and the mortal body has a limited number of years in which it lives in a healthy state. Therefore one has to travel faster to fulfil the objective of life-energy before it becomes too late.

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