Sunday, July 24, 2011

From ‘Beyond the Mind’ by Dada Gavand

Freedom From Time
Life has gathered Dust on the Way
During Her Centuries of Travelling Time.
Particles of the Dust
Have Developed into a Mountain
Which calls Itself ‘I’ – The Mind.

This Dusty Mold
Of Millions of Yesterdays Past
Is an Imposition and
Burden upon Life Energy.
Freedom from this
Dusty Mountain of Past
Is the Purification and
Liberation of Life.

Life Fulfills Itself
Through It's Own

- Dada
- Pacific Palisades - 1976

NANCY: (Pleadingly) Tell me ….. How can I start to discover the spirit
DADA: ………
You start when you begin to see within yourself the constant pursuits of various desires, fears and hopes.
You start when you become conscious of these subtle desires working all the time without stopping.
You start when you see how your actions are the reactions of a biased and wishful mind, and that there is never a fresh action from life within.
You start when you realize how you spend your entire life energy trying to fulfill the unending ambitions of the mind in all directions.
You start when you recognize that you are never reaching a point where you remain fulfilled.
You start when you see that you never attain these imaginary goals created by the mind.
You start when you discover that your do not really know what you want in life beyond food, shelter and a few necessities.
You start when you see that the mind is not interested in peace, but only in it's own pursuits.
You start when your perceive and recognize that this mind is nothing but the burden of bygone memories.
You start when you see and understand clearly how this so-called mind is an imposition of unfulfilled experiences of the past.
You make a real clean start when you begin to watch every incoming thought and understand how the past is trying to continue at the cost of the present, calling itself “I”.
Discovery of the deceptions of I the mind, is the beginning of a journey toward the spirit.

DADA: First you have to see your constant false activity and understand these mad movements. Understanding quietens all of that. Look into yourself calmly, with sharp attention. To see what is happening in oneself is important. Watch every idea and desire that comes into the mind. Such observation is the beginning of quieting down this activity. Then you discover that you can look at yourself without any motive or expectation. Usually the mind immediately starts to name, describe, moralize and compare whatever it sees. But through unmotivated and unbiased looking within, you can step out of the field of thought. Just keep watching, and you will discover a new quality of sensitivity which is not a thought activity because there are no desires, motives, hopes or fears involved in that watchfulness.

….. Be conscious of the thoughts coming again and again. Se that it is so, that is all. This attention becomes a new vital point, an impersonal flow of energy. The mind is a personalized and conditioned energy. You have to discover unbiased and unconditioned energy.

Proceed quietly, and then you will discover what meditation is. Attention without thought is meditation. Slowly through watchful attention you step out of the field of mind without any struggle. As your sensitivity increases, you will be able to act without the promptings of thought and desire. As you discover freedom from thought you will be in the present – in the now – to act. This is not an intellectual process; it is something that you have to sense and experience.

….. As you move along, this watchfulness will broaden and intensify, gathering all the energy that the mind is now using. The more energy you will have for this watchfulness, the less there will be for thought activity. See the beauty of gathering his energy in watchfulness and attention without a thought. Then that energy will move on it's own.

Can we look at a rose with our whole energy, our whole attention, and without any expectation, desire or description? Can we see a sunset without thought? Can we be sensitive without any movement of thought or desire? With this sensitivity, any experience is full and complete. When one is totally accepting, there is no mind left to create a disturbance in the energy. Right action will come instantaneously. Such action does not come through desire or negation but through acceptance. In total acceptance there is no mind trying to change anything. Action which comes out of such acceptance is creative, and often you are not aware of it. But still, the energy acts in the right direction. Then it is not a partial activity of thought but a total action of whole energy.

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