Wednesday, January 20, 2021

From ‘Asian Absences. Searching for Shangri-La’ by Wolfgang B├╝scher


My first impression remained. This town had none of the anarchy of Indian towns with their intense spiciness and sweetness, their absolute physicality and pervasive dampness. No betel spit, no beggars showing off their bodily defects in dramatic poses. No children, who immediately surround a stranger and start massaging his legs quickly and roughly, breaking off to make equally quick and rough eating signs. Grab leg, rub tummy, grab food.


Arabia’s sun was not the friendly son of our songs. It was naked, red-hot violence. Now the flaming ball shot up angrily, the terror of the world. In minutes it had asserted it's despotism - everything bowed its head and covered itself.


You don't stare at people in Tokyo. You don't do it anywhere, but in Tokyo no one does it.


The night didn't fall like a black cushion suffocating everything- the day took its time leaving.

From ‘Mystic Experiences with Himalayan Masters’ by Dr Sant S Dharamananda, Phd A direct disciple of Sri Swami Rama

An enlightened guru can also help his beloved students transmigrate from one life to another. The guru's grace selects future parents for his beloved students before death occurs. Upon death the soul goes on to the new parents


I then recalled a meeting I had many years ago with a Yogi who was visiting Florida . He had said to me, ‘never touch my feet without my permission. I am a spiritual healer and I transport people's sickness on my feet. If you touch my feet unknowingly, you may contract the disease and not know how to get rid of it.’ The Yogi continued to say, ‘Be aware of touching the feet of other yogis as well. When they give you permission to touch their feet, they will pull back their feet. Touch the ground where they stand and not the feet.’



A soul is in astral transit when the nine gates of the body begin to close. The nine gates are the nine openings to the body: two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, the mouth, and the urethra, and the anus openings. In the case of an enlightened person, he or she will leave the body through the tenth gate, which is the fontanel or opening on the top of the skull. It is commonly known as the soft spot on a baby's head. This tenth gateway is like an express highway for heavenly travels. When one leaves the body through this gateway one can remember all the knowledge of one's past lives.

Based on our karmic density of consciousness, the life force of every human being will leave the body through one of the openings of the nine gates. In a human being with a lower consciousness the life force leaves the body through the lower openings. Whereas in a human being with higher consciousness, the life force will leave the body through one of the upper openings. By the grace of a Sat Guru, an enlightened soul can leave the body, cracking through the tenth gate in the head.


The Y-chromosome is very active in alkaline body fluids and the X-chromosome is very active in acidic body fluids. Most of the foods offered in the ceremonies by my father consisted of foods that were sweet and rich in flavorful aromas, like ripe bananas, honey, sugar or sugar cane juice, warm boiled milk, Kheer, and any type of sweet delicacy.

When a man eats these sweet and flavorful foods, his body fluids become alkaline and the Y chromosomes in his seminal fluids yield a greater chance of conceiving a baby boy. The foods that are sour, bitter, pungent, astringent and salty tend to acidify the body fluids . Thus, a man who has such food will have a higher acidic body fluid.

Upon copulation, the X-chromosomes in his seminal fluids will lead to a baby girl . I have found that foods that are sour, bitter, pungent, astringent and salty were not offered in ceremonies…………

The food combination during the seven days of either acidic or alkaline pH helps determine the gender of the baby. The timing of the moon phase also helps determine the exact gender during conception.


…….What my Transcendental Meditation teacher told my class …………when people gather on a regular basis to meditate, the plants become greener, the air gets purified, the waters become more soothing, and people become happy.