Friday, December 16, 2011

From ‘Awakening into Oneness. The power of blessing I the evolution of consciousness’ by Arjuna Ardagh

Anandagiri …….. says

For a relationship to improve, you must be free of hurt, and you must be free of guilt. Either you have been deeply hurt yourself, or you have hurt someone and you feel bad about it. If you are hurt, the best way to become free of it is to experience the pain completely. And if you have caused pain to someone else, you did so because you could not feel. You did not know what it was to feel that psychological or physical pain. Everything changes when you feel what that person is going through, when you can become that person.

………. Karmically the relationship is only complete when you feel love and gratitude ……… When you feel gratitude, you are free – you can move on …….. The only way to come to gratitude is to feel the hurt completely so you can forgive and be forgiven. Then the relationship is set right, and you are unburdened. Your whole life changes.

Years ago, Albert Einstein reflected that you cannot solve any problem in the same state of consciousness in which it was created.

From ‘Walking the Path’ by Frederique Lebelley

In Sanskrit, ‘initiation’ is called diksha. Di meaning ‘intellect’ and ksha, ‘the horizon of the end’. Diksha means: to go to the end of the intellect, to transcend the intellect.

Education is called shiksha, ‘the horizon of discipline’ – total discipline.

A teacher brings shiksha, ‘education’. A spiritual master – a guru – brings diksha …….. it is a journey from head to heart.

“Drop the past; don’t even try to analyse it. It is as if you knocked over the dustbin and sorted through the contents: this is from yesterday, and that is from the day before yesterday ….”

In the realm of science, first you acquire the knowledge, then comes the faith. In the realm of spirituality, faith comes first and knowledge follows.

Suffering is created by our own mind. Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. A smile that cannot be removed by any event is a real smile. Suffering is remembering the events, chewing them again and again.

….. when this feeling of helplessness overcomes you, prayer can really be authentic. This authentic prayer can bring a power in us capable of transforming life.