Sunday, June 11, 2017

From ‘Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips’ by Lonely Planet

When do tickets go on sale for flights?
Usually, 11 months in advance. Reasons for this are arcane and historical – in the days of printed seat plans, airlines wanted to avoid booking people on to the right plane, on the right day, in the wrong year.

… time to book flights …..certain broad trends … time is five weeks before travel ….as a general rule carriers will have a January sale and a September sale…..Airlines are trying to fill seats for the next “shoulder season” ……seat sales target routes with sluggish sales……

Hotel rooms are released on to the market 18 months in advance. In general the earlier you book the better as this is when prices are lower. ……best deal on a hotel room …..the magic hour is 6pm, when many hotels will re-release rooms that haven’t been taken.

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