Sunday, June 11, 2017

From ‘Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures). True Stories from a War Zone’ by Kenneth Cain, Heidi Postlewait, Andrew Thomson

Rithy squats with the cheeks of his ass pressing the backs of his heels, his arms stretched out over his knees for balance. Cambodians can remain like that for hours, watching the world go by. It looked comfortable until I tried it and my legs went numb.

Israelis are a mix of North African, Levantine and Eastern European, which inflames the politics but does amazing things for the women.

If Pol Pot had been the prime minister of New Zealand for three years, nearly two out of three of us would have died.

…….West African dance includes a graphic representation of the sex act, focusing on the rotating rear end of the lady. But its done with dignity and joy. Exciting, not profane. The women are beautiful and have bright eyes and smiles that light up the night. …

Everyone hates the Bulgarians. The UN pays countries cash to send soldiers on peacekeeping missions. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Bulgaria lost its subsidies and was broke. The Bulgarian government wanted money but didn’t want to send their best-trained troops. So, the story goes, they offered inmates in the prisons and psychiatric wards a deal: put on a uniform and go to Cambodia for six months, you’re free on return ……A battalion of criminal lunatics arrives in a lawless land. They get drunk….rape vulnerable Cambodian women, and crash their UN Land cruisers….

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