Monday, October 22, 2012

From ‘Dimensions Beyond the Known’ by Osho

Half-truths can always be consistent, but a total truth is always inconsistent because in a total truth the opposite is also included.

The moment you know your past lives, there will be a spiritual revolution and evolution. Then you will start from where you had left off in your last life; otherwise you will get lost in endless lives and reach nowhere.

It is possible to make you remember your previous births only if you have achieved the capacity to remain undisturbed in the midst of the very difficult memories of this life.

In the interval between two births, there are two types of souls. One type is of evil souls. For them it is difficult to find a womb for another birth. I call such souls pretas, evil spirits. The other type consists of good souls. Them I call devas – gods. For such souls also it is difficult to find suitable wombs for taking another birth.
Between these two are the majority of souls in which there is no fundamental difference, but only a difference of character, personality and mental make-up.

………after awaking from sleep your dream is remembered for about one hour. Similarly, after taking a new birth, for almost six months, up to the age of six months, almost everything is remembered. Afterwards it slowly becomes lost. Those who are very imaginative or very sensitive may remember a little longer, but those who have made efforts and who have experimented with being aware during the previous life can remember for a long time.

……all religions of the world have decreed one hour before sleeping at night and one hour after waking in the morning as the best time for prayers. It is known as sandhyakal – the twilight time and the time of dawn……. Similarly, the six-month period after birth and the six-month period before death are equally valuable. …..a person who utilizes properly the one hour before sleep and the one hour after waking will positively know when that six-month period before death begins.

………some body may behave in such a way that it will cause a soul to enter into it. …….. There are two type of bodies which are in a state of deep receptivity. One is of those that are in great fear. Those who are in great fear cause their souls to contract within their bodies – so much so that they vacate some parts of the body completely. Some nearby souls drift into these empty parts …….
Secondly, a soul can enter a body when it is in a deep prayerful moment. In such prayerful moments also, the soul contracts. But during fearful moments, only such souls drift in which are in great misery and agony, that see only nightmares. Those are the ones we call evil spirits. Because a frightened person happens to be in a ugly and dirty state, no higher soul can enter him.
……..A prayerful person becomes filled with so much inner fragrance …..that only the highest souls take interest in him…..Thus, there is a complete science for invoking devatas – gods. These devatas do not descend from some heaven, nor do those whom we call evil spirits come from hell or some devil’s world. They are all present right here, coexisting with us.

Mohammedans will burn lobhan and benzoin. This is a method of inviting good spirits by creating a specific fragrant atmosphere. Hindus also burn incense, and they light a flame made from ghee. These things appear to be ritualistic formalities today, but at one time they had a deeper meaning.
Hindus will chant a specific mantra which becomes an invocation. It is not necessary that there should be a meaning to the mantra….. With a meaningless mantra nothing extraneous can enter with the passage of time. That is why all mantras of depth are meaningless. …….They are only sounds. There are methods for the chanting of these sounds. If there is a specified beat, intensity and rhythm, the soul that is invoked will enter instantly

…….take the example of Mohammed. He always said that he was only a paigamber, a messenger, because Mohammed never felt that whatever he was experiencing was his own. The voice which came to him from above was very clear. ……With Moses too, the same thing happened. The voice descended upon him. In order for this voice to descend, some great divine spirit must use someone as a medium. But everybody cannot be used as a medium. This capacity and purity to become a vehicle, a medium, is not a minor thing. Communication can only be possible if a capable vehicle is available.

In the interval between births, all development is blocked. That is why no devatas can reach salvation while in heaven – because there is no action there; one cannot do anything there. …..For doing something, one has to take a human birth on earth.

…….the three gunas, the three basic forces of life, of tamas, the cause of inactivity, intertia and indolence, rajas, the cause of activity or passion, and sattwa, the cause of serenity, calmness and knowledge……
…..Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammed and Jesus used only one of the three gunas as a medium of their expression. Rajas was the predominant medium of expression for Jesus and Mohammed. Tamas was the predominant quality of Lao Tzu and Ramana Maharshi. But Krishna made use of the three qualities simultaneously as his medium of expression…….. Because of this it became very difficult to understand Krishna ……No person can love Krishna as a whole. One will have to be selective

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