Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From ‘Sri Ramana Reminiscences’ by G. V. Subbaramayya

Sri Bhagavan explained how we have a glimpse of the real Self every day. Between sleep and waking there is a momentary twilight. The waking-consciousness begins with the I-thought. Just before the upsurge of the I-thought, there is a split second of undifferentiated, pure consciousness, then the I-thought with which the world-consciousness floods in, this is the order. The middle state is Self-awareness. We can sense it if we are sufficiently alert and watchful.

Sri Bhagavan ……. Said, “Ten times’ attentive reading is writing. Hundred times’ writing is translating.”

“Bhagavan, people scoff at me, calling me a ‘superstitious idolator.’” Sri Bhagavan told him, “Why don’t you retort by calling them worse idolators? For do they not wash, dress, embellish, feed and thus ‘worship’ their body so many times every day. Is not the body the biggest idol? Then who is not an idol worshipper?”

Sri Bhagavan quoted ….. : “Where psychology ends, philosophy begins” and added His own remark, “Where philosophy ends spirituality begins.”

Sri Bhagavan …….. His replies ……… Even with the limited knowledge of our present life, we are so much oppressed as to be unable to shake off the ego. If we should get to know of our past lives also, the difficulty would be all the greater because the ego would then be much more strengthened. So it is better not to worry about knowing the past, the future or even the present.

Sri Bhagavan also remarked that there might be exceptional cases of even animals and plants attaining Self-Realization

Referring to Mouna (Silence), Sri Bhagavan said, “Silence is of four kids: Silence of speech, Silence of the eye, Silence of the ear, and Silence of the mind. Only the last is pure Silence and is the most important.”

Sri Bhagavan remarked: ‘That which is not real (the body) you take as real and anguish is the only result.’

Sri Bhagavan …… explaining a verse in Upadesa Saram said:

“Breath-control can only produce Manolayam, i.e. temporary suspension of the mind. One-pointed meditation and concentration alone can lead to Manonasam, i.e. destruction of the mind.”

Sri Bhagavan cited a sloka ……. “In indigestion water acts as medicine; when there is no indigestion, water serves as tonic. Water at the end of the meal serves as Nectar; but water at the beginning of a meal acts as poison.” ……. Sri Bhagavan recollected a sloka ……. “Buttermilk mixed with cardamom, ginger, lemon-juice and a little salt is of rare relish …..” Sri Bhagavan Himself liked thin buttermilk prepared in the above way.

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