Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From ‘As It Is. Dialogues on the open Secret’ by Tony Parsons

Consciousness simply is. It is energy manifesting without any interest in any of the concepts that our minds have about good or bad, purpose or meaning. It is absolutely impersonal and has no particular direction. It is playing the game of creation and destruction.

But if there’s nowhere to go, there is no purpose, it seems, in anything?

And this realization is the beginning of liberation. We are so locked into the belief that our lives have some sort of purpose we have to fulfil. We go on struggling to fulfil some idea we have of something we need to do, or somewhere that we need to get to, in order to be worthy.

The ego tends to diminish in effect as the gaze of presence evaporates it's illusory identity. Usually the ego demands full attention, like a child, and when it's simply gazed upon without any interest, it tends to dry up and die.

Simply give up your attachment and fascination with the story and let life happen. Something else of immense significance will take the place of all your worries and you will be overrun by a new sense of wonder. Everything will reflect a quality of benevolence. This is the natural way for life to be.

Begin to allow the watcher to emerge. See that the mind is always trying to run the show, to strut the stage. Just see this without judgement, and that seeing emanates from silence.

……My first really deep understanding, which came from reading, was an interpretation of Christ’s words in the book ‘The New Man’ by Maurice Nicholl. He explained that the word “repent” did not mean “to show sorrow for your sins and vow never to sin again”. The word in Christ’s native local tongue meant “to turn 180 degrees and see anew”. This was for me a revelation that went deeper than just intellectual understanding.

Give up the search for something to happen and fall in love, fall intimately in love with the gift of presence in what is. Here, right here, is the seat of all that you will ever long for. It is simple and ordinary, and magnificent. You see, you are already home.

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