Saturday, November 26, 2011

From ‘Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri’ by Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa

Bhagawan uttered three phrases that continue to have profound meaning for me. He said, “Nirmala mana; nischala mana; vishala mana.” (Purified mind; unwavering mind; immutable mind that is vast, that is eternal.)

The sages have spoken about three types of siddhis. There are impure powers acquired through unclean vows and incantations. After the practitioner bathes and becomes clean, he can no longer perform them. This kind of power has only evil effects …….

Then there are mantra siddhis, acquired by saying a mantra to a particular deity under certain circumstances. This kind of power allows you to manifest a piece of fruit or an ornament in your hand, or move an object from one place to another. Such miracles impress and attract people for a time, but this kind of magic does not last long.

Then there are true siddhis, those described in the scriptures. These powers are acquired by practicing with rigorous discipline the eight steps of ashtanga yoga. These steps require virtuous behavior, physical discipline, the ability to restrain the senses from their outward pull, concentration, and deep meditation that reaches the state of unity-consciousness.

Far beyond these three siddhis, however, is a supreme power, the mahasiddhi. This is not acquired by one’s own efforts. It is a gift from God, and it always brings His presence.

According to the scriptures, there are four kinds of beings one should never approach empty-handed: gods, Gurus, kings and children.

…. describes the shambhavi mudra as “Attention turned inward, gaze outward, without any blinking of the eyes.” Gurudev was often in this state.

The deity worshipped through the image does not reside in the wood or stone or clay of which the image is made, but in the feeling of the worshipper. For this reason the feeling of devotion must never be given up.

When Kundalini is awakened, a new vitality spreads through every pore of the body and a process of inner purification begins. In the beginning there may be overwhelming drowsiness, tremors, perspiration, sensations like electric shocks, tremendous heat, feelings of intense joy, spontaneous physical postures, and then a state of deep meditation like Samadhi. The seeker may have the inner Darshan of gods and goddesses, or of Siddhas. He may experience heaven or the realm of ancestors. He may see lights and hear inner music during meditation, or even during the waking state.

……. the purification of these chakras begins. All the fluids of the body are rejuvenated. The incoming and outgoing breaths are equalized ……… the power of one’s karmas weakens and disappears, and liberation in this very life is attained.

The Bhagavad Gita says
shraddhavanl labhate jnanam [4.39]
One who possesses faith attains knowledge.

He had a big belly because of long, inner retention of the breath, called kumbhaka.

The great saint Brahmananda said, “Become ashes at the Guru’s feet and then you will meet God.” We have to allow the Guru to work on us, we have to dissolve our ego and pride at his feet.

In India, there were many yogis who were able to manifest the power of levitation. They had to spend a lifetime learning how to do it, but it's not so extraordinary. They awaken the Kundalini energy through pranayama, and then they practice three yogic locks or bandhas. They stay in these positions for a very long time. The fire of yoga eventually burns up the water and the earth elements in the body. These are the two elements that make the body heavy, so when they are burned up, the person can levitate instantly. It's a strenuous practice. My Babaji was able to do it.

…… he called me ….. and said, “……. Whats that you’re carrying …..”

“It's an Upanishad,” I said.

“Dust!” he said ……. He went on, “Do you know how this book was written? Books are created by someone’s mind. ….. Instead of reading someone else’s mind, meditate and then read your own mind …… Meditate a lot. When you meditate a lot, true knowledge will spring forth from you. You won't have to read books. Inner knowledge is far superior. Write your own book with your own mind……”

A little health, wealth, learning and power seem to make a person so bold that he begins to advise and teach even God Himself.

A seeker once asked a sage, “Who is God? Who is the supreme Principle? Who is Consciousness?”

The sage answered, “The witness of your mind is God.”

If a person cannot sit still, it is very difficult for the mind to become still. ……To move the mind inward, a still posture is necessary. …… Just by remaining still in this posture that I am sitting in now, all the seventy-two million nadis of the body are purified.

He would say, “Just as abusive terms pierce you, in the same way, my speech should enter you, it should pierce you. Then you’ll attain That immediately.”

My Baba never liked to criticize any religion, sect, or person. If anyone found fault with someone else, he would say, “Hey! You have faulty vision. Ram is in all.” This is the sign of a supreme Siddha.

Once a devotee of my Baba came to him and complained about another devotee. “That man drinks liquor and eats fish,” he told Baba.

“So what?” Baba said. “No matter what he eats or drinks, he shits it out the next day. He doesn’t hang on to it, so why should you?” No matter what you may have done in the past, you should let go of it. If the thought “I am a sinner” arises, then have another thought: “I am not a sinner. I am meritorious.”

……. a faultfinder can never become a good seeker ……

My Baba always said it is not the Guru’s grace toward the disciple that matters; it is the disciple’s grace toward the Guru that is of much greater importance. The moment a disciple surrenders himself completely to the Guru, the Guru’s grace will be bestowed automatically and in full measure.

The inner Shakti flows particularly through the feet. In our culture when a saint arrives in someone’s house, the host offers to wash the saint’s feet.

A photograph has great power. What kind of power depends upon whose picture it is. ……… I fully believe in the power of my Baba’s photographs.

If you want to establish a connection with Nityananda Baba, just look at his eyes in the photograph and repeat your mantra. In this way the Shakti will enter you. Then automatically the relationship will be established.

We worship the Guru in a personal form so that we may receive Shakti and meditate effectively …… The image of the Guru is not form; it is pure Consciousness …… The mind and the senses have their pressing demands, they must have their corresponding objects. The eyes must see. That is why it is good to worship the statue or the personal form of the Guru. When the mind rises to a high state it converts the form into the formless.