Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From ‘Touched by Fire. The Ongoing Journey of a Spiritual Seeker’ by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait PHD

…. he met a great saint ……. who told him, “Your job is to continue walking. When you really get exhausted, then simply stop and wait, and remember that He will pick you up.”

Rituals are a valid path of spirituality, provided they are performed with full purity and precision. Ritual worship, in it's own right, is a complete science, but today much of the science has been replaced by custom, dogma, and superstition.

Swami Sadananda …… “Intense austerity, intense meditation, recitation of mantra, grace of God, selfless service, and living in the company of saints create a powerful, positive karma in a short period of time. …….. purification is what enables you to become a conduit through which grace can flow.”

“Human beings have a hard time going beyond the realm of their minds. On one hand, they know the Supreme Being is too big to fit in their small little heads, and yet they wish it would fit. To reconcile fact with wish, they project human characteristics onto God, and thus they create gods in their own image. Then using the power of faith, they breathe life into the gods they have created. Thereafter they pray to these gods to help them overcome their problems. These are lower-grade gods born from our own minds. We empower them to help us overcome our self-created misery. Once empowered, they become our masters. And if we have confused minds, then we definitely become their slaves and live at their mercy.” …….. In order to bring the concept of God closer to our daily experience, we superimpose characteristics onto God that are compatible with our personal tastes, interests, preferences, and choices…….. once these gods and goddesses have seeped into the collective unconscious of a particular group of humanity, they exert their powers regardless of whether or not the members of that group believe in them at a conscious level.

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