Monday, October 10, 2011

From ‘Quotes of Jalaluddin Rumi’ by The Wisdom Tree. Compiled by Harish Dhillon

If you could untie your wings
and free your soul of jealousy
you and everyone around you
would fly like doves.

If you love love look for yourself.

How is it with this love?
I see your world but not you.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A polished mirror cannot help reflecting.

What matters is how quickly you do
what your soul directs.

All religions, all this singing one song.
The differences are just illusion and vanity.
Sunlight looks slightly different on this wall
than it does on that wall and a lot different
on this other one, but it is still one light.

Lovers feel a truth inside themselves
that rational people keep denying.

Every object and being in the universe
is a jar overfilled with wisdom and beauty.

Don’t do daily prayers like a bird pecking,
moving it's head up and down,
Prayer is an egg -
hatch out the total helplessness inside.

Watch the man beating the rug.
He is not mad at it.
He wants to loosen the layers of dirt.
Ego accumulations are not
loosened with one swat.
Continued work is necessary.

Do not keep talking about the garden.
Eat the grapes

Not Christian or Jew or Muslim,
not Hindu, Budhist, Sufi, Zen,
not any religion or cultural system,
I belong to the beloved
and know the first, last, outer, inner
only that breath breathing human being.

If it is true that rules rise from love
it is also true that
lovers pay not attention to rules.

No matter how hard
you stare into muddy water,
you will not
see the moon or the sun.

Hold on to your particular pain.
That too can take you to God.

Why should I seek? I am the same as He,
His essence speaks through me
I have been looking for myself.

Open your hands, if you want to be held.

When I was apart from you
this world did not exist,
whatever I was looking for was always you,
Why did I ever learn to count till three?

I used to want buyers for my words.
Now I wish someone would
buy me away from words

Spiritual arrogance is the ugliest of all things,
It's like a day that’s cold and snowy,
and your clothes are wet too.

Let the lover be
Disgraceful crazy absentminded
Someone sober will worry
about things going badly.
Let the lover be.

How long will you complain about money
and our prospect for money?
Don’t worry about transient things.
Think how the animals live.
The dove on the branch giving thanks,
the glorious singing of the nightingale
Every living thing trusts in God
for it's nourishment

The mystery does not get clearer
by repeating the questions,
nor is it bought with going to amazing places,
Until you’ve kept your eyes
and your wanting
still for fifty years,
You don’t begin to cross over
from confusion.

When I am with you, we stay awake all night
when you are not here, I can’t go to sleep.
Praise God for these two insomniacs
and the difference between them.

I honour those who try to rid themselves
of any lying, who empty the self
and have one clear being then.

Your loving doesn’t know it's majesty
until it knows it's helplessness.

A little while alone in your room
will prove more valuable than anything else
that could ever be given to you.

I swear by the one who never says tomorrow
as the circle of the moon refuses to sell
instalments of light.
It gives all it has.

The rose does not care
if someone calls it thorn or jasmine
Ordinary eyes categorize human beings,
that one is Zoroastrian, this one Muslim,
Bow to the essence in a human being.

Curing a hide, the tanner rubs in acid
and all manner of filth.
This makes a beautiful soft leather.
Every hard thing that happens
Works on you like this.

Humble living does not diminish,
It fills.
Going back to a simpler self gives wisdom.

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