Tuesday, April 26, 2016

From ‘Purushottama Ramana. A pictorial presentation with anecdotes from Bhagavan Ramana's life’ by V Ganesan

Bhagavan’s upadesa was ‘Summa Iru’, “Be Still”, the purport of all the scriptures

When asked to define the goal of life, He said: “Getting rid of the non-existent misery and attainment of the Bliss which is always there.”

A questioner once wanted a clear exposition of nishkamya karma. Bhagavan did not reply but started smoothening a rough stick, took great pains to polish and beautify it. It demanded many hours of concentrated work. When it was finished and the stick looked shining and attractive, a woodcutter who happened to come there, was presented with it by Bhagavan, spontaneously….

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