Tuesday, April 26, 2016

From ‘My Reminiscences’ by N Balarama Reddy

Bhagavan often commented on the value of listening to Vedic chants.

I saw many Western visitors come to the ashram after reading or hearing about the Maharshi. Of all these foreigners, none impressed me as much as Grant Duff. He was 70-years-old, tall, lean, graceful in his movements, and when he spoke his words were clear and soft, originating from a deep sincerity …..Bhagavan also openly spoke of his virtues. Rarely did I hear Bhagavan speak about anyone like that …..No one has written in English about Bhagavan as he has, as can be seen from his preface to Ramana Gita.

W.Y.Evans-Wentz gave Bhagavan copies of his books, and Bhagavan liked Tibet’s Great Yogi, Milarepa best.

Bhagavan once remarked, referring to himself, ‘In this state it is as difficult to think a thought as it is for those in bondage to be without thoughts.’ ….. ‘You ask me questions and I reply and talk to you. If I do not speak or do anything, I am automatically drawn within and where I am, I do not know.

One day at about 7 P.M., when it was already dark, an indiscreet incident between a man and a woman occurred. When Bhagavan came to know of it, he said that the women devotees should be fed their evening meal by 6:30 P.M. and then sent home. In the case of moral propriety, Bhagavan intervened, but he would never judge or condemn people for their moral lapses. He understood human frailty and was available to teach us how to transcend it, not dwell upon it.

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