Sunday, November 1, 2015

From ‘Pilgrim of Love. The Life and Teachings of Swami Kripalu’ Edited by Atma Jo Ann Levitt

…..I have not paid close attention to astrology, although I have great respect for its workings.

In the yoga tradition there are certain guidelines to help you. If you want to keep up your health, fast on water at least one day a week. If you cant do that, then take only juice. If that’s not possible, then drink milk. And if that’s difficult, take one fruit with the milk. If you cant do that, then eat one moderate meal during the day………

…I’ve come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to eat only one meal a day.

….head of the Dvarka Temple …..said: “Once I wondered why the twelve shrines were called jyotirlingas and what was so unusual about them. On investigating, I found that only those lingas made from meteors are called jyotirlingas”

….the word upvas, or fasting, means ‘to sit near or dwell close to the Lord.’

The meaning of the word sat is God. The word sanga means “having an attachment to, or a liking for.”

After many years of sadhana, energy patterns change in the yogi, and there’s no longer great disturbance through sexual urges. Those who reach that state of consciousness are considered to be great masters and are called urdvaretas. Dadaji, my Guru, was urdvaretas and reached the highest.
When one becomes urdvaretas, the semen or body fluids are transformed. That’s the beginning of a complex process of attaining whats called the divine body. Just as in the child’s body, the production of sexual energy mixes directly with the blood, in that state the yogi becomes childlike and his semen so superfine that it immediately mixes with his blood. So the downward passage of sexual energies is closed off, and the sex center itself becomes transformed. When that happens there is so much power in a person’s eyes that his eyes alone can remove the lust of others.
This process works in the same way for women as it does for men.

Also fast one day a week on fruit juice, whey, or green mung bean broth.

If a person practices true moderation in diet, there is no need for fasting.

The texts mention that a sadhak should continuously practice sahit kumbhaka until he’s able to master keval kumbhaka….. sahit kumbhaka means “interrupted holding” such as in anuloma vilom. One practices sahit kumbhaka until keval or kevalam kumbhaka is achieved. Kevalam means “only retention,” in which there’s as much as three hours between one inhalation and the next exhalation.

In every branch of sanatana dharma, kundalini shaktipat initiation can be given to the disciple by sight, by word, by touch, or by the guru’s will. ….. If someone considers a great yogi to be his guru and cannot reach him physically, with his faith, he can still receive initiation and his kundalini will be awakened.

If a sadhak cannot recognize and understand the meaning of awakened kundalini experiences, they may frighten him. Shocked by the unruly nature of kundalini, most people give up. However, those fortunate to have the guru’s guidance will be able to persevere. They will understand that whats happening to them is part of a deep purification and initiatory process and will have enough faith and steadfastness to move through the difficulties. ….Kundalini works in the most unusual ways. It can be violent or unpredictable as it carries out its work of purification.

My guru once said. “Your boat should be in the water, but without water in your boat.” In other words, be in the world, but drop worldly impressions.

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