Sunday, November 1, 2015

From ‘The Happening of a Guru. A biography of Ramesh S. Balsekar’ by Yogi Impressions

Swadeshe Pujyatey Rajan
Vidwaan Sarvatra Pujyatey
-          Arthashastra, Ch. VI

(“The King is worshipped
in his own land,
but the man of wisdom
is worshipped everywhere.”)

    1. I sometimes look out on the road and see something happening – a car being parked, and there is a realization that a spontaneous reaction happens: A job well done or badly done. There is a very clear realization that the reaction is a purely spontaneous one in the body-mind organism according to the programming and not ‘my’ reaction.

    3. While I go through the motions of daily routine in life, there is a very distinct feeling deeper down of an eternal Presence against the background of which life flows in the daily routine, including the natural, biological, spontaneous reactions in the body-mind organism

….4. I have found myself gradually avoiding unnecessary journeys and even unnecessary action – both physical and mental – and preferring to stay put. Also, gradually, small talk and social gossip ceased to interest me: I read less and less of fiction, and finally ceased reading it altogether. Winning an argument no longer seems relevant or important. And, most interestingly, day dreaming and conceptualizing about odd matters just never seems to happen. If daily living offers something to witness, witnessing happens; otherwise I seem to sit or lie down or walk about in a state of what I would call non-witnessing, when the mind is all but totally silent, and there is nothing to witness.

….9. The total, unqualified acceptance of non-doership has resulted in the total cessation of all conceptualizing about terms like attachment and detachment, renunciation and acceptance.

….10. The occasional, sudden realization that the absence of conceptualizing and objectivizing is itself the natural state of the eternal Presence, brings about an emotion of utter humility and deepest gratitude in that moment.

….14. With the experience of life being lived by itself, it seems amazing how easily each problem seems to resolve itself, allowing each dilemma to arrive spontaneously at its natural solution. ‘Me’ and ‘other’ actually turn out to be just different perceptions.

….16. With the total acceptance of non-doership – everything is a happening, and not the doing by anybody – it has actually been my experience that I no longer look at the other person as a potential danger and, if I am hurt, it can only be because it was my destiny – according to the Cosmic Law – to be hurt, and that the ‘other’ (whoever it is) was merely the instrument through which it had to happen.

….21. Quite some time ago, a sudden thought hit me with great impact: it is downright stupid for anyone to try to appear wiser than he is, or more handsome than he is, or better in any sense than he really is. No one is perfect in this world; acceptance is so much easier than hypocrisy, being natural so much easier than pretension.

….Chuang-Tzu: “Where can I find a man who has forgotten words? I’d like to have a word with him.”

…..what one finally wants is harmonious stillness.

…the constant feeling in me is that I am Consciousness functioning through the object as a separate entity. Therefore, I cannot commit a sin, I cannot commit a mistake. Everything is precisely what is supposed to be, the way it is.

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