Friday, October 17, 2014

From ‘One Soul's Journey’ by Leni Matlin

God is positive. Man is negative. If contact is made, the Divine current flows from positive to negative. For this reason the Indian tradition of touching a Divine person. But without some form of discipline and limitation, people would be touching face and body. Hence, the custom of touching the lotus feet.

In India, the most auspicious times to meditate are when the moon is in its dark phase, or waning, and is therefore least disruptive. Let Baba explain it:

Shivaratri is observed every month on the fourteenth night of the dark half; for the Moon, which is the presiding Deity of the human mind, has only just one night more to be a nonentity with no influence on the agitations of the mind. In the month of Magha, the fourteenth night is named Maha (great) Shivaratri for it is sacred for another reason too. It is the day on which Shiva takes the Linga form, for the benefit of seekers.

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