Friday, October 17, 2014

From ‘Gurudev Dr. Ranade's Life of Light’ by M S Deshpande

“According to the law of Spiritual Gravitation, the experience of a worthy Spiritual Teacher automatically descend to his disciples. As water at a higher level must descend to a lower level, so the experience of a Spiritual Teacher must descend automatically to those who are walking on the path he has trodden.”

Continuous soulful meditation fills the brain of the sadhaka with spiritual energy which enlivens all the centres of perception in it and makes them active. As a result of this they get direct experience of the spiritual energy in the form of light, sound, flavor, odour and touch…… They arise in the brain and issue from it…..
…The spiritual experiences, thus, need no aid of the sense organs. They can be had even when the sense organs are inactive or out of order……in this sphere “intercommunication can take place between different sense-functions, through this unity of apperception.” …. Sri Purandardas could describe his unique experience like this: ‘I could hear with the eyes, see with the ears and see as well as hear with the nose.’

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