Friday, January 24, 2014

From ‘Baba. Autobiography of a blue-eyed Yogi’ by Rampuri

I realized that Hari Puri Baba ….was actually speaking to them, and the crows were talking back …..“I, like Shiva, attract marginal beings, outsiders,” said Hari Puri Baba. “Crows can be great allies. And – but don’t tell anyone – their language, among bird languages, is the easiest to learn”

“Does a spirit live in a tree, Baba Ji?” I asked.
“ ……….Yes, I think your could say that something without body clings to the seemingly motionless body of a tree. Okay, lets call it a spirit,” he conceded. “Something that’s around much longer than a human body. And these spirits, as you call them, need humans to perform material tasks…… and humans go to spirit for immaterial tasks such as the acquisition of knowledge and the blessings that this may bring. The more humans believe in and honor spirit, the more that spirit manifests and speaks through humans.”

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