Monday, November 25, 2013

From ‘from Sex to Super Consciousness’ by Osho

….Dagistan …. When the people of this place are annoyed with somebody they curse him with the most terrible curse ever: “May you forget your beloved’s name.”

Have you realized that the blooming of a flower is an expression of passion, that it is a sexual act? A peacock dances in full glory: a poet will sing a song to it; ….. it is primarily a sexual act? ….a boy has become an adolescent; a girl is growing into a woman. What is all this? What play, what leela is this? …. Throughout one’s whole life all acts of love, all attitudes and urges of love, are flowerings of primary sex energy
Religion and culture pour poison against sex into the mind of man. They create conflict, war; they engage man in battle against his own primary energy ….. Not enimity, but friendship is to be made with sex. Sex should be elevated to purer heights.
……if lust is transcended, sex can become love.

Because of condemnation, sex has become an obsession, a disease, a perversion……

…until natural sex is accepted without reservation there can be no love.

My conjecture is that man had his first luminous glimpse of Samadhi during the experience of intercourse. Only in the moments of coitus did man realize that it was possible to feel such profound love, to experience such illuminating bliss …..that in the moments of climax the mind becomes empty of thoughts. …And this emptiness of mind, this void, this vacuum, this freezing of the mind, is the cause of the shower of divine joy.
Having unraveled the secret up to this point, man dug further…… that even without coitus the consciousness could be stilled and thoughts evaporated…

Our society will only be free of the ghost of sex when we develop the courage to talk about sex in a rational and healthy manner.
It is only by understanding sex in all its aspects that we will be able to transcend sex. You cannot free yourself of a problem by shutting your eyes to it.

Ninety-eight per cent of mental illness, of neurosis is because of the suppression of sex.

Whenever I meet prostitutes, they never speak of sex. They inquire about the soul, and about God. I also meet many ascetics and monks, and whenever we are alone they ask about nothing but sex.

This sexual climax only lasts a moment, but for this brief moment a man loses a considerable amount of energy and vitality and later laments this loss

….the results of this war with sex are difficult to assess correctly. Does homosexuality exist anywhere but in man’s so-called civilized societies? Aborigines who live in backward areas cannot imagine a man having intercourse with another man….. Prostitution also exists in direct proportion to a society’s civilization. … Can you find a prostitute in the hilly areas of the tribal peoples, in our far-flung settlements? Impossible.

…Khajuraho ….The outermost wall, the periphery of the temple, is decorated with scenes of the sexual act, with the various poses of intercourse ….the architects who built that temple were highly intelligent people. They knew that passion and sex exist on the circumference of life and believed that those who were still caught up in sex had no right to enter the temple.

The first step to free the world from sexuality is to allow children to remain nude, as much as possible, in the home. As far as it is feasible, it is advisable , to allow children, both boys and girls, to play in the nude, so that they become totally acquainted with each other’s bodies ….Then there will be no need to print nude pictures in books. Then they will be so familiar with each other’s bodies that no kind of perverted attraction will be possible in the future.

Conservation of energy is a prime requisite of religion ….The biggest outlet for man’s energy is sex. Sex is a continuous drain, and it should be stopped.

Although animals have their limits and their periods, man has neither. Man is sexual each hour throughout the year. Without exception, no animal in the animal kingdom is sexual to this degree. Animals have a specific time for it …..look at what has happened to man.The thing which man has tried to repress … shoots up throughout his life. It is an ever-active volcano….what we have done to suppress sex! We have had to develop an insulting attitude toward it; we have had to degrade it ….abuse it…call it sin ….Look into the eyes of an animal; wou will not find lust there. ….animals are beautiful in a way, but there is no limit to the ugliness and stench of man, the mad repressor.
As a first step in freeing man from sexuality, children – both boys and girls – should …receive instruction in the subject of sex. …they should be brought much nearer; this segregation is completely unnatural.

….if coitus can be prolonged for seven minutes, a man will be so free of sex that no thought of passion will arise in him for the next three months. And if the period of coitus can be extended to three hours, a man will be free of sex forever; he will never desire it again!

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MikefromWales said...

Oh complete tripe. I could argue each instance but its not worth it. I will, however, say that when I was rather younger I would routinely 'prolong coitus', as your writer might have it, for hours at a time and frankly my partners and I enjoyed it so much that rather than being free of sex for any length of time we could hardly wait for the next opportunity.

It is true, however, (in a sense agreeing with your writer) that the suppression of the pleasure of sex in all its form (done by most religions, especially Christianity)is the root cause of a great many personal problems, and by extension societal ones. But substituting one religious tyranny for another (whatever it cloaks itself as) is not the answer.