Sunday, June 30, 2013

From ‘A search in Secret India’ by Paul Brunton

…..Shri Shankara Acharya of Kumbakonam …… “…..Practise meditation regularly; contemplate the higher things with love in your heart ….. The best time to practice is in the hour of waking; the next best is the hour of twilight. The world is calmer at those times and will disturb your meditation less.”

….Ramana Maharishee ….. “…..It is possible to go inwards until the last thought ‘I’ gradually vanishes.”

“What is left?” I query. “Will a man then become quite unconscious, or will he become an idiot?”

“Not so! On the contrary, he will attain that consciousness which is immortal, and he will become truly wise, when he has awakened to his true self, which is the real nature of man……… When a man knows his true self for the first time, something else arises from the depths of his being and takes possession of him. That something is behind the mind; it is infinite, divine, eternal. Some people call it the kingdom of heaven, others call it the soul, still others name it Nirvana, and we Hindus call it Liberation….. When this happens a man has not really lost himself; rather, he has found himself.”

….Ramana Maharishee …..The gist of his message is:

“Pursue the enquiry ‘Who am I? relentlessly. Analyse your entire personality. Try to find out where the I-thought begins. Go on with your meditations. Keep turning your attention within. One day the wheel of thought will slow down and an intuition will mysteriously arise. Follow that intuition, let your thinking stop, and it will eventually lead you to the goal.’

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