Sunday, June 2, 2013

From ‘Reminiscences of Shri Sadguru Brahmachaitanya Maharaj (Gondavalekar)’

Shri Maharaj once said, ‘My guru has bestowed uoon me the knowledge of three arts. Firstly, whichever knowledge I want at a given time, occurs to me at that time spontaneously. Secondly, I can be at whichever place I want at whatever time I want. And thirdly, I can ensure deliverance precisely in one’s hour of death.’

….Someone jocularly said that she was going to have a daughter. Upon which the lady said with confidence, ‘Maharaj has uttered the words that ‘he’ is going to be very fortunate. As such I am definitely going to get a son.’ Later she safely delivered a boy. When asked as to how he knew about it, Shri Maharaj said, ‘When one can know which soul has transmigrated into the embryo, what is the difficulty in foretelling whether it will be a boy or a girl.’

Someone asked Shri Maharaj, ‘Why is it that the money given as dakshina at the time of treating someone to a meal is first wetted?’ Shri Maharaj said ……one knowingly gets a feeling of pride that one has been instrumental in giving away food, so the money is first wetted to wash off that pride. The feeling of pride of the donor would otherwise cling to the coin and be passed on to the recipient. Water is interposed so that it may not prove harmful to one who accepts the money.”

“What is the difference between the path of knowledge of God, followed by Shri Shankaracharya and the saints’ path of love for God, or devotion? …Shri Maharaj said, “Both ways lead to the same God. Which way to follow depends upon the sadhaka’s preparation and disposition. A sharp memory is required, and the intellect needs to be subtle, for persons to follow this way. But the way of devotion is a way of love. Not every one has a subtle intellect, but everyone is capable of love….. God can be attained speedily by the use of intellect, longer time is required by the practice of worship. But ordinary persons find the way of love convenient. Love for God is generated readily by namasmarana”

‘How could the food served at a shraddha ….be reaching one’s deceased relatives?’ …..if a man gratifies someone by serving him food, with the departed person in mind, and with a sincere conviction, then what is the objection to presuming that the departed soul is gratified?

‘The mental perturbation of every person that visits him becomes known to a saint. How does that happen?’ Shri Maharaj replied, “For that to happen one’s mind has to become holy and subtle.”

While residing in Ayodhya, in 1905, in the course of a casual talk, Shri Maharaj remarked that the precincts are additionally hallowed by the actual presence of Maruti.

Shri Maharaj replied, “It is of course true that saints do not interfere with the set progression of destiny….. under special circumstances saints give as an advance a part of one’s life in the next birth. They make use of this special power only if they see that the soul’s spiritual well-being will be advanced only if this is done at that particular time, not otherwise. Such situations arise rarely, and therefore such incidents are also rare”

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