Monday, December 24, 2012

From ‘Pilgrim of the Sky. Travelling with Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja: A Disciple's diary’ by Raj Supe (Kinkar Vishwashreyananda)

The superpowers are called Vibhutis. They are also called siddhis – and because the principal potencies are eight in number, they are called Ashta Siddhis ………..One does not need great austerity to gain these. These may be had by simply leading a pure life for twelve years or so. If you observe brahmacharya for twelve years or so, these powers will be yours.

Brahmachari is he who tries to gain Brahma. Householders who indulge in sexual intercourse once a month are very nearly brahmacharis. …….parents who observe restraint will beget a progeny that will be of better quality. Brahmacharya is a quality that runs in the line, in the blood. Restraint will come naturally to a child whose parents have practiced long restraint. That’s what the Shastras say.

Ideally, you should focus your attention on one single favourite deity – Ishta Deva. …..But worshipping multiple deities isn’t entirely devoid of merit…… But, it is desirable to stick to your Ishta (favourite deity)

He quotes from Patanjali. …… If you can sit in asana for three hours, the asana is said to be siddha. It is realization of posture. ….Every other position is good enough for some time and then it begins to hurt….. Padmasana or baddha padmasana or sukhasana won’t hurt

If you can exclusively fix your mind on an object for 12 seconds uninterruptedly, it is considered to be dharana, if you can extend your exclusive concentration twelve times (12 * 12 seconds i.e. nearly two and half minutes), it is dhyana and when you can extend your concentration further twelve times (12* 12 * 12, nearly half hour), it is Samadhi. …. One of the methods to induce dhyana is singing Hare Krishna Naam ….. Singing Hare Krishna Naam, performing japa, taking pure diet, and observing celibacy ….. all these are conducive to dhyana.

Many objects are mentioned for dhyana: Patanjali mentions the Sun and the Moon …. But the best object of contemplation is Guru. Dhyana on Siddha Guru is the best. .……
“But which part of Guru should we meditate on?”
“Charan – the lotus feet of Guru are wonderful and miraculous. Charan is most powerful because all the powers come down from the feet. Contemplate upon them……”

“ …..Where does one contemplate?”
“The general practice is to contemplate on the sahasrara chakra in crown of the head, ajna chakra between the eyebrows or in the anahata chakra in the heart ……. In sahasrara you meditate on Guru, in ajna chakra you meditate on the mantra and in the anahata, you meditate on Ishta (your favourite deity)…..”

One needs to practice austerity for a long time and in unbroken manner. It is also necessary to fix one’s seat. It is necessary to sit at the same place for long time, only then can one gain siddhi.

Sabase rasiye, sab se basiye, sab se lijiye kaam, haanji haanji karte rahiye baithaa apanaa thaam. Never leave your own place, just keep saying ‘yes’ to everyone, but do your own thing,” he counseled.

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