Thursday, April 21, 2011

From ‘Swami. Encounters with modern mystics’ by Doug Boyd

The Hindu idea is that all of us are responsible for our own actions and their results. That’s what karma is.

…… ultimately one can really master nothing other than one’s own self

“ …….. After three hours and thirty-six minutes one achieves perfect stillness of posture. If one is trained to sit in a particular posture without any movement, after three hours and thirty-six minutes one achieves that stillness. And that is one of the signs of samadhi”
- Swami Rama

Swami believed it the habit of all good yogis and aspirants to spring from their beds immediately upon awakening. He also believed that all sensible people are up and about when the sun comes up in order to benefit from some special ethereal quality of the sun’s first rays.

…… the proper execution of the lotus posture ……. “You see where my feet are? The heels should press in against the abdomen like this. In this manner you maintain the locks – the solar plexus and anal locks – and you achieve the best balance and stability, which is the purpose of this posture and the reason why it is superior to all the others ….. Any posture will suit for meditation so long as the head, neck and trunk are always straight ……… do the lotus asana …… properly ….. see my toes? The backs of the toes rest flatly against the outside of the legs. ……. Once you master it, it takes the least effort. You will see how easily you keep the proper alignment of the spine. In any other posture the back will bow, and you must attend to it again and again. But here you will see the backbone remains unbending without the constant effort of the muscles. ………First you will feel uneasy …… then the body adjusts …….. The body numbs, and all the sensations are forgotten. This body consciousness is gone and the body is transcended. ……… your left knee is resting on the floor, but your right knee must do the same.”
- Swami Rama

“…… you should have and keep a spiritual diary. You can develop yourself by writing in bold words what you have done each day. Your spiritual self will tell you what work is to be done that you have not done and what work is not to be done that you have done. In this way you will be disciplined. You will understand your major thoughts, and you will understand where you have committed mistakes”
- Swami Rama

“Your work starts with the lungs ……. By controlling the motion of the lungs, mind’s movements come under control …… by increasing the capacity of your lungs, by making the lungs strong, you make the respiratory system very regular …… you bring the vagus nerve under control ……. You gain control of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems …….. breath is the first link between the conscious and the unconscious …… if you control your breath … your attention develops and you are on your way toward gaining control of the unconscious processes or movements of your mind”
- Swami Rama

“When the balance between the flow of the right and the left nostril is upset, the “pranic” energy is affected by it and the result is some sort of physical ailment …. If we want to cure ourselves of disease and restore the balance of life, we should try to restore the balance between the flow of breath ……… breathing ….. stores up “pranic” energy”
- Swami Rama

‘Empty thyself and I shall fill thee.’ Discipline is a kind of emptying. The moment you have emptied yourself the real self is revealed in you – the master in you is able to come forward.

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