Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Many are the names of God and infinite forms through which he may be approached. The Reality is one and the same, the difference is in the name and forms. Some address Reality as Allah, some as God, some as Brahman, some as Kali, others by names as Rama, Jesus, Hari. God is formless and God is possessed of form too. And he is also that which transcends both form and formless.
- Sri Ramakrishna, a 19th century exponent of religious pluralism

It is almost impossible to like the Indians of Fiji. They are suspicious, vengeful, whining, unassimilated, provocative….Above all, they are surly and unpleasant

 - James Michener, Return to Paradise, 1951

What Lakelly-Hunt says about faith and feminism (in the context of poet Emily Dickinson)…… “Experience transcendence in the mundane and glory in the paradox”

As Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “Only at the point of death many people realize that they have not lived at all!”

If you pick up a starving dog
And make him prosperous,
He will not bite you.
This is the principal difference
Between a dog and a man

- Mark Twain

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