Friday, August 13, 2010

From ‘The Life and Teachings of Jillellamudi Amma’ by Ekkirala Bharadwaja

……..why Mother was passionately fond of feeding children who came to her. She would insist on their taking food. Indeed, she was the tangible manifestation, all felt, of Goddess Annapoorna, in this regard.

One wonders why she insisted on feeding people. One clue, perhaps, is the kosha paradigm of Hinduism. There is the primary sheath (kosha) called “annamaya kosha,” the food dimension. One of the definitions of Brahman, the Ultimate Reality itself, is that it is food. And when food (often prepared by Mother herself) is partaken, it becomes Prasad and sets in motion changes in the body. Eventually, sattvic food blessed by Mother results in subtle unfolding of the deeper spiritual layers of consciousness.

Masters of perfect attainment say that the different paths to perfection such as jnana, bhakti and karma yoga have a fundamental unity. When one pursues one of the three, the other two follow of their own accord, said Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. The unique greatness of the Bhagavad Gita seems to be this synthesis of these paths. For, Lord Krishna not only expounded their unity but symbolized it in Himself. He is called Yogiswara, Jagadguru, and the Jagannatha, i.e. he is at once the ideal and he goal of the three paths of jnana, bhakti, and karma yoga.

…….Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi…….. “Association with the wise will make the mind sink into the Heart. Such association is both mental and physical”

……..her words regarding God:

“He is formless because all forms are His. He is nameless because all names are His.”

“He is without attributes because all attributes are His.”

If Knowledge is Brahman, why not Ignorance?

The changing, alone, is the Mind; the unchanging is Divinity itself.

Pain is no pain if it is experienced with joy.

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rahul said...

So true and so subtle are her sayings and teachings!

Jaya ho mata sri anasuya raja rajeshwari sri paratpari!!