Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Pune #1 - The British War Cemetery at Khadki (Kirkee)

The British ruled India with an iron fist. They came as merchants and then stayed also as rulers in order to exercise control over the land they sucked dry for profits.

The British War Cemetery at Khadki in Pune is a little-known spot even for most Puneites. Spending an afternoon over there proved to be most enlightening for me.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has sponsored its maintenance and it is indeed beautifully maintained and is a credit to the Commission's efficacy. I was very much touched by the thoughtfulness of the whole enterprise. Its a credit to the British society and beaurocracy.


And a few kilometres down the road, a different kind of commemoration of life

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Dhananjay Nachar said...

Beautiful place! love how you end it with that picture.