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Movie Review: Pati, Patni Aur Woh (The Husband, Wife and the Other) (Hindi Film) (1978)

PPAW is a disturbing film. Calling what many would acknowledge as one of the good comedies in Hindi cinema as ‘disturbing’ would be daring. But in these more enlightened times, one can expect a more liberal response to what I say.

The story is of a happily married couple where the husband strays into an affair. And of a wife who accepts him in the end, primarily because of their kid.

And the film has so much going for it. Vidya Sinha and Sanjeev Kumar as the happily married couple are brilliant, nay excellent. The chemistry between them is a joy to behold. This follows the chemistry between VS and Amol Palekar in the earlier movie that I reviewed (Rajnigandha). I believe I am getting besotted with Madame Vidya Sinha. When the guy has a beautiful marriage, a great kid he throws it all off for an affair with the office secretary for what we are led to believe is an excess of male testosterone or the natural behavior of the male of the species

I myself am no great admirer of the marital institution nor have rigid views on adultery in marriage. But PPAW made me sick in the gut. Primarily because it treats the subject of deceit and trickery so lightly. And because its so (male) chauvinistic in its approach. The trivialization of deceit, trickery left a very bitter taste. Watching the movie was almost like watching somebody getting raped. And on a side note it reminded me of some of the current Indian media and its behaviour. Go figure it out.

SK once again reminded me of why he is regarded as one of Hindi cinema’s great actors. And VS (somehow she had retreated in the recesses of my memory) was a very pleasant find. When she says to her betraying husband: “Ranjeet mere shareer mein ab bhi tumhari mahek baki hai lekin tumhare shareer mein meri mehak baki nahi hai”, you really empathize with her.

And more on her at:

The song ‘Thande Thande Paani se nahaana chahiye’ is well picturized and is still very popular

But moving on to some lighter things

this electrical fixture brought back old memories

have made a mental note to watch more of SK and VS

Parveen Babi as the guest appearance at the end is a breath of fresh air though she is at the receiving end of a chauvinistic proposition


Directed by B.R. Chopra

Sanjeev Kumar
Vidya Sinha

Original Music by Ravindra Jain
Anand Bakshi .... lyricist
Playback: Asha B, Mahendra Kapoor, Kishore Kumar, Sushma Shreshta

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