Friday, October 23, 2009

As To Why I've Not Been Blogging

Blame it on the mucked-up Indian IT Corporate life. Does anybody have a vision on work-life balance here?...........................

Long live France!!!!!!!!!! Why???????

Read this:

At least somebody is analysing a state of mind (and society) beyond money, margins, bottom-lines and top-lines, resources.............


yves said...

Hi Nirvana,
Well, I'm French and live in France, and perhaps I should be pleased at your mentioning this article, but even if part of it is true, ie, that a certain amount of the country's riches here are being invested in public wellbeing rather than in personal or corporate profit, the current trends are somewhat the other way round, and a lot of what the post WW2 reforms had decided and was the basis of the welfare state, are being questioned. Education, for one, is in severe threat of being treated like a profitable institution.
"les temps changent..."

Nirvana said...

Yes, I guess France is feeling the global heat and hence the changes you mention.

My fear for india is (and you being a French person would be especially sympathetic to this) that India is getting Americanized and that too with respect to the worst aspects of American life.

Imitating isnt bad but at this rate Indian corporates would be a pale imitation of American ones and that would be a tragedy.

I hope France provides an alternate approach as mentioned in the article