Saturday, August 22, 2009

From ‘Avadhoot of Arbudachal. Biography of Vimala Thakar’ by Kaiser Irani

One day my elder brother was talking with my father about someone, and said that boy was very bad. He told father: “I will never go to see him.” And father replied to him: “See Sudhakar, a human being can spend his whole life trying to understand himself, and in one hour you can make a judgement upon someone?” That one sentence of father has had a great impact on me. It touched me very deeply, and afterwards it never occurred to me to judge others by my values.

Brahmacharya is a word that has been treated with utter cruelty, distortion, twisting………..God only knows what made the human beings identify it and equate it with physical celibacy. Brahma – the ultimate Reality, Brahmane – charaiveti-charaiveti-iti-brahmachari – one who lives in that ultimate reality, one who lives in the awareness of that non duality of live, one who lives in the awareness of the unity of life is a Brahmacharin…….The meaning of the word got limited to celibacy, countenance, refraining from sex life………Dedication to the awareness of Divinity, dedication to the understanding of Divinity can be possible even in a married life. Married life or sexual relationship, if it is not distorted, if it is not compulsive sex, obsessive sexuality, if it is a normal, sane, healthy part of human life, then marriage is not an obstacle, it cannot be an obstacle to the dedication to the truth of life. This is how Vimala sees it.

Let the enquiry ripen, let fearlessness prevail, let there be the willingness to offer psycho-physical life at the altar of exploration, and then the Meeting with a master is bound to happen. It is the field of happening and not doing. It is the field of humility or surrender of the ego, the sacred effortlessness of meditation.

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