Monday, December 1, 2008

Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan

If the 24-hr news coverage of the Mumbai terror attacks doesnt depress you, few things will.

The less said the better about the Indian media which indulges in wholesale misquoting or selective quoting, jingoism, repetition and sensationalism. Serious journalism……..whats that?

And the politicians are a topic by themselves. One changes clothes thrice in the latter half of the day at a time of national crisis. A dapper gentleman this. The other, no less than the chief minister, visits the scene of terror and carnage (the Taj Hotel) with his actor son (and his film director friend). Was that a family outing, terror tourism or blissful mindlessness of public sentiments.

His deputy, says that such type of incidents (the Mumbai carnage) happen in big cities. No doubt this person was handicapped by his poor knowledge of Hindi and made a mistake in his nervousness but I would have expected a better press statement

And it doesn’t stop at that.

Another chief minister down south visits a freshly martyred father who has forewarned the CM that he is not welcome. The CM not surprisingly is then shown the door. The CM later remarks that were it not for the martyred son, no dog would have glanced at their house.

Isnt it our right to expect some statesmanlike figures in politics?

Another one from a different party says that the lipstick/powder/suit crowd is defaming the politicians over this incident. All leaders of all classes seems to be fighting each other like cats and dogs (surprisingly the communists seem to be away from all this mayhem, part 2. Are they the saner ones?)

Is this nation or political class imploding? Or are they so self-absorbed in their private cocoons that they have lost all sense of a nationalistic spirit, an empathy with the masses, a control over the tongue (and the ego). Indian politics depresses. And the only seemingly decent guy, the Prime Minister seems to be isolated in his administration with minimal control over others.

Will my nation wake up to a better tomorrow, with slightly more wise public leaders?

To mouth a cliché, its darkest just before the dawn. Hopefully the dawn is round the corner.

In such times, Lata soothes. ‘Allah tero naam’ is the cry of the sane for the mayhem that surrounds us

As for me, the bitter cynic that I am, I hope my envisioned world is a lie and a better future awaits.


The lyrics and English translation

This is a song sung by Lata Mangeshkar in the Hindi film Hum Dono. The score was composed by Jaidev.

Allah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam
sab ko sanmati de bhagwaan
...maangon kaa sindoor naa chhoote
maan behenon kee aans naa toote
deha binaa bhatake naa praan
o saare jag ke rakhawaale
nirbal ko bal denewaale
balawaanon ko de de gyaan

The translation

Allah is your name, Ishwar is your name
Bless everyone with wisdom O God
May wives not be widowed
May the hopes of mothers and sisters not be broken
May lives not flounder disembodied
Oh Protector of the whole world
Giver of strength to the weak
Do grant wisdom to the strong


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