Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yahaan (Here) (2005)

A chance reference to the Hindi movie Yahaan (Here) and my eyes welled-up, a softness stole over me. I watched this film some years ago and hence a review will have to await a rewatch.

What I do remember is a sensitive tale told of a troubled paradise, Kashmir where perhaps even the tears have dried up and an endless ennui pervades.

Minissha Lamba captivated in her first film while Jimmy Shergill was a solid backbone to the venture, as usual.

Hence to start with, am pasting the songs…..lyrics by the gem Gulzar, a sensitive individual and at some level our conscience.

A soft gentle film for a softer gentler world…………………………..

Chan se bole

Mele Chaliyan

Kabhi Kabhi AasPaas chand rehta hai

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