Wednesday, June 1, 2016

From ‘Uniqueness of Sri Bhagavan’ by K Subrahmanian

The most extraordinary thing about the Maharshi was his twenty-four hour accessibility. No permission was needed to see him and there were no special darshan hours.

Duncan Greenlees who had met the Maharshi several times wrote: “I know no other man whose mere presence has thus enabled me to make the personality drop down into the abyss of nothingness where it belongs. I have found no other human being who so emanates his grace that it can plunge him deep in the ecstasy of timeless omnipresent being.”

“There are also other methods. You can do pooja or japa. But dhyana is the simplest and the best.”

In Uttararamacharita, Bhavabhuti says: “The words of ordinary people follow meaning: but meaning runs after words uttered by great sages.”

It has become fashionable to criticize religious rituals….But in secular life, we perform certain rituals and are very proud of them. We salute the national flag…..There is a purpose behind the rituals also. …..In the early stages of one’s sadhana, rituals are necessary for disciplining the mind. Rituals may not be necessary for those who have advanced considerably in the spiritual field …..When the mind of man matures considerably, rituals will drop of their own record…..

When we are in the presence of a sage or saint, it is like standing under a waterfall. The descent of grace from such people will wash away all mental dirt.

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