Saturday, August 16, 2014

From ‘My Experiences in Astrology’ by B V Raman

….a palmist from Andhra …. Rama Sastry ….his ability to quote ancient authorities on hand reading ….
If the nails are of reddish hue, one is healthy and rich, courageous and fortunate ….if the nails are yellowish, one suffers from indigestion and windy complaints, entertains evil thoughts and is of immoral character ……

… stress the fact that the science of hand-reading was developed in India from the earliest times and carried on to the West, from where, thanks to the interest and zeal of our western friends, a flood of literature on palmistry, containing the same principles is being re-routed to our country.

After making a comparative study of the Hindu and western systems I came to the conclusion that the western system lacked depth and substance, the methods applied for timing events were not quite reliable and that the Hindu system alone could be considered the system par excellence.

Of all the Nadis and Bhrigu Samhitas – more than 50 – I have seen and examined so far, it is only the Markendeya Nadi that has proved fairly accurate.

Grandfather had often said that too much reliance on mathematics would atrophy one’s power of judgement. There were instances when by just looking at a horoscope he was able to say whether or not one was employed, married etc. This ability, he attributed, not only to some combinations in his own horoscope but also to vaksiddhi which, he said, could be developed by leading an ethical and disciplined life and practicing certain types of mantras.

When Prakash cried much he would get fits ….An elderly person suggested that the fits could be stopped once and for all if the child was given the ancient treatment of branding with a red hot glass bangle. This was done and Prakash had no more fits thereafter.

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