Sunday, March 9, 2014

From ‘Sri Swami Satchidananda. Apostle of Peace’ by Sita Bordow and others

The Hindu gods and goddesses do not represent the worship of false idols, as is sometimes thought. The Hindu knows that God is present in everything, but His (or Her or Its) vastness is usually too much for the limited mind to comprehend. Therefore, why not pick a particular attribute of God and focus on that?

Of the months, the most auspicious is Margali, the period from the fifteenth of December until the fifteenth of January. To the gods this is brahmamuhoorta, the hours just before dawn which are most favorable for meditation. So Margali is a very special, holy time; all during that month the devas are in meditation.

When a particular mantram is repeated, you develop that vibration within you. That vibration attracts a form of the Divine Aspect and, indirectly, the form is created within your mind to suit the quality which you expect. When that quality becomes more and more impressed upon your mind, you begin to perceive it outside as well.

“When Hindus go to meet a sage, a swami or a saintly person they bring a lime. It symbolizes an offering and, at the same time, has a beneficial medicinal effect on the system. When you sit for along time in meditation a great deal of heat is produced. Bile secretion develops. The lime juice cools the system and serves as a remedy.”

….I also recommend strict celibacy to strengthen the immune system. (Again something Gurudev told me.)……….
-          Swami Nischalanda Ma

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