Thursday, February 20, 2014

From ‘With the Kamasutra under my arm. An indian journey’ by Patricia Scot Bernard

…..the sitar players were performing.
Indian nights are special. The perfume of the gardens is heady, the night sky resembles velvet, the stars are so big and hang so low that they resemble unearthly fruit, and the music is haunting and hypnotic…..

As Jaipur was 174 kilometres away I had calculated that the trip would take three hours. It took the entire day.

His colourful conversation covered AIDS, war, God and homosexuality. He asked me what I thought of all four. I have noticed that Indian men don’t care much for small-talk. They want to get into the deep and meaningful instantly, and they have not fear about speaking what they call the truth.

…….Indians are the most sweetly mannered of people….

India was like a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman in a yellow sari, with bare feet, bone bracelets, and three water-pots balanced on her head.

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