Sunday, September 15, 2013

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The Irish, it has always seemed to me, are genetically programmed to litter.
-          From ‘A secret map of Ireland’ by Rosita Boland

African saying: ‘When the lion feeds, many animals eat.’

Where wealth accumulates, men decay.
-          Bernard Shaw

The important thing is not to learn but to undergo an emotion, and to be in a certain state
-          Aristotle

A discovery is an accident meeting a prepared mind
-          Albert Szent-Gyorgi

‘Blessed is he who has found his work.
Let him ask no other blessedness.’
-          Thomas Carlyle

We have an economic structure where the consumer never meets the producer. So production has lost its charm and consumption has lost its grace.
-          Vimala Thakar

The pampering would not cease ….. Friends and family in India had advised before leaving that better to be inconspicuous and try to pass off as Pakistani; by the end of it Pakistanis were seriously contemplating posing as Indians and reaping the rewards. I had not been made to feel so welcome anywhere in the world
-          From ‘Pundits from Pakistan. On tour with India’ by Rahul Bhattacharya

Wafaadaari bashart-e ustwaari asl-e imaan hai
Marey butkhaaney mein to Kaaba mein gaadho
Brahmin ko
Steadfast loyalty is the essence of faith. If the Brahmin lays down his life in the temple, he deserves to be buried inside the Kaaba

Most Greeks hate to do anything alone. It frightens them. To live alone, to work alone, even to take a walk alone is a misfortune. But at the same time, they live on rivalry. One of the reasons they stick together is so there is always someone to get the better of
-          John Mole from his book ‘It's all Greek to me!’

….to Somerset Maugham, the three essential qualities of a good writer are lucidity, simplicity and euphony.
-          From ‘Sentinel of the Sahyadris (Memories and Reflections)’ by E S Modak

Several US congressmen and senators told me that their regard for India stemmed from the way India treated the Dalai Lama and his followers. Only a great country could risk the wrath of China by giving refuge to the Tibetans.
-          From ‘Encounters’ by T P Sreenivasan

‘How will we know where to go if we do not know where we came from?’
-          Steve Waugh

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