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From ‘Stopped in our Tracks. Stories of U.G. in India’ by K. Chandrasekhar (from the notebooks of)

….. U. G. who says, “If a thought enters my head, it has to take effect,” …..

“On whomsoever I bestow my grace, him I shall rob of all that he has,” ……

There is no moksha, no jivanmukti, and no Atman. And there is no such thing as self realization. Those are all lies. There is only the ‘natural state’. I don’t like to use your terms such as enlightenment, jivanmukti, nirvana or moksha to refer to this state. Those terms suggest some other meanings. They sound weird to me. When I talk about the ‘natural state’, it is not the state of someone who has attained self realization or God realization. It is not something created through self effort. This natural state is always living and spontaneous. This happens to one in a billion, accidentally. It does not result from your effort. It is acausal. And why this natural state happens to that one and not anyone else, I don’t know.”

Q: When did this happen to you?

U.G. In my forty ninth year.

Once the barriers within your consciousness are broken – not because of any act of will or volition on your part – once the flood gates are open, everything will be washed away, all experiences – good and bad, sacred and profane, divine or demonic ….. After that your past will never stick to you, or bother you, and that will be the end of you.

As a matter of fact, all these questions are others’ questions, not your own. If there is a question that you can call your own, it won’t let you rest for one minute. There is no question apart from the questioner. The two are the same. If the question goes, the questioner goes with it. Because you don’t want to come to an end, you hang on to your question forever. That’s why you cannot stop the question even if you know there is no answer to it.

When U. G. talked about the Calamity that happened to him, and told us about the irreversible chemical changes that occurred in his body during the following six days, describing the colours that surfaced on his skin in the places where there are ductless glands [inside the body] ….. There is no spiritual or metaphysical content in this. This is purely biological and physical.”

“If the endlessly continuing thought process is cut off even once, even for a thousandth of a second, then thoughts can never be linked again. That break will create tremors throughout the body like a terrible earthquake…. it will shake, move and burn every nerve and blood cell in the body. With that the thinker is gone. The senses start functioning independently of each other. From then on all bodily processes are carried on automatically, like a machine. Only the ‘you’ who you think runs the machine is not there.”

….he admonished me not to open my eyes during the headstand.

The truth that U. G. finally realized from his own experience was that Yoga does more harm than good to the body. U. G. says that the movements the body goes through spontaneously as it is coming out of the state of ‘death’ are closer to Tai Chi movements than to the postures of Yoga. Also, U.G. says that it’s a mistake to perform the ‘Corpse Posture’ (Savasana) at the end of the Yoga practice. He insists that it should come at the beginning.

When I saw him walking with shoes even inside the house, I thought it must be a habit he had acquired in the West. I was surprised when he said it was not the case, but that if he put his bare feet on the ground, he would be bothered by the electromagnetic energy transmitted from the ground.

“To satisfy my curiosity, U.G. showed me the colours that appeared on his skin at the base of his neck, on his chest and around his navel. The common opinion is that the energy centres called Nadi Chakras, which Kundalini Yoga talks about, are merely psychological ….. U.G. explained that at precisely the same locations as the Nadi centres there are some ductless glands, and that when and if the mechanism of thought comes to a stop, all the energies that are dormant in those glands become active and bring about biological and chemical changes, and that the result was indeed the Natural State.

I felt that Kalyani must have had some extrasensory powers. U.G. says that they are commonly found in crazy people.

“This Ajna Chakra plays a major role in the functioning of the body. The yogis call it the Ajna Chakra, but I say it is the pineal gland. That gland which is beyond the forehead between the eyebrows becomes very active in the Natural State. It controls all the functions that the body performs. That is why they call it the Ajna [command] Chakra,” says U.G.

“…If someone blames me, I too am pained just like you. But as soon as there is a division in the awareness saying, ‘This is pain’, that feeling burns itself out. The pain does not continue. Its existence is for that moment only. There is no thinking about it. There is no reaction in me. There is only the response.”

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