Sunday, February 3, 2013

From ‘The Psychology of the Esoteric. Insights into Energy and Consciousness’ by Osho

Just see things; don’t verbalize. Be aware of their presence but don’t change them into words. Live with things without language; with people without language; with situations without language.

Sartre has given his autobiography the name Words. It is the autobiography of everyone more or less. We live in words. That is, we don’t live. And in the end there is only a series of words accumulated and nothing else.

…..the posture that Buddha uses, padmasana. This posture is one of the postures in which the least energy is needed …….a circuit is created……All the outlets are connected. Both feet are crossed, both hands are crossed, and hands touch the feet and feet touch the sexual center, the sex center … energy can go out and the posture is erect so there is no gravitational pull.

…..Eyes are closed or half closed, because eyes are also a great outlet for psychic energy ……If the eyeballs are moving then energy is being thrown out.

There is a saying of Lao Tzu: “Seek, and you will lose. Do not seek, and find.”

But Hinduism is still more complex and deeper, deeper. That’s why Hinduism could develop a different dimension of Tantra, so that whatsoever you call sin, even that can be used. Hinduism is in a way very healthy – chaotic, of course, because anything healthy is bound to be chaotic….It cannot be systematized.

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