Friday, February 17, 2012

From ‘Amma. A Living Saint’ by Judith Cornell

Sudhamani [Amma] said, “There are six chakras, or centers of spiritual power in the human body. The vital life force [Kundalini shakti] that flows through all living beings is called serpent power, and it rests below the base of the spine in the form of a coiled, sleeping female snake.”

“When this power is awakened, through incessant meditation, it ascends through the spine, passing through the chakras. When each chakra is reached, the physical body can suddenly become hot, and the person may start to sweat profusely. He or she may also have visions, both divine and earthly. When the serpent power has transcended all six chakras, it rises to the top of the head – to the crown chakra. At that moment the body suddenly experiences a refreshing coolness as it is transformed into a new vessel of tremendous spiritual power.”

“The body has a sheath or an aura. Just as a tape recorder records everything we say, our aura records our every thought vibration. And this recording remains even after we have died. When we commit suicide, we are causing the soul much pain.”

“When the opening of a blown-up balloon is untied, the air in it is gradually released. But when we prick a balloon and it bursts, it explodes with a bang. So too when we forcefully end our own life, sudden pain-filled vibrations will be formed in our aura. This aura forms the basis for the next birth of the soul in a body. All that we are experiencing now is the result of our past actions. Understanding this, we should move forward in life, surrendering to God whatever we have to experience.”

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