Saturday, September 24, 2011

From ‘One Hundred and Twenty Five Years of Grace. Sri Ramana Maharshi Jayanti 2004’ published by Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai

“You must cover your vegetables when you cook them. Then only will they keep their flavor and be fit for food.”

A movement of the ego clouds pure perception. Jean Klein observed, “Perceive, do not conceive.” Perception is direct while conception is through the medium of our personal desires.


samarender reddy

My ordinary purposes
It serves so well -
To reason, haggle or emote.
It served Plato’s purpose, too,
To give us Socrates.
But, alas! What to tell
It's path does not wind
To where Truth does dwell.

Bhagavan’s mother, Alagammal …… On May 19th, the end appeared to be nearing and Bhagavan stayed constantly at her side. His left hand on her forehead and right hand on her chest, he was with her until till 8 p.m. at night when in perfect peace she attained Mahasamadhi. ……. Explaining what had happened during those 10 or 12 hours he had sat by her side with his hands his mother’s head and heart, Maharshi said: “Innate tendencies, vasanas (or subtle memories of past experiences leading to future possibilities) become very active. Scene after scene rolled before her in subtle consciousness as the outer senses had already gone, the soul went through a series of experiences that might possibly have required many births of her, but the quickening process worked by the special touch given on the occasion means the soul was at last disrobed of it's subtle sheaths before it reached the final destination, the Supreme Peace ……” ….During the last day ……. Maharshi and others who were with him did not eat. In the evening a meal was prepared for Maharshi but he declined to it. After his mother had attained Mahasamadhi in his hands, he rose up and said, “Hereafter we can eat. Come on. There is no pollution”, ………

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