Monday, May 9, 2011

From ‘My Guru in Disguise’ by Priya Mookerjee

…………. Vrindavan …….. a spot held sacred by all devout believers. ….. “Every particle, every grain of dust in this place is sacred. So many great souls have stepped on this soil, spending years, seeking Krishna within their hearts. The spiritual energy they emitted has made Vrindavan so special,” she explained, rubbing a fistful of dirt on her face and arms, and putting a little into her mouth.
“Don’t think this is just ordinary dirt. This earth is charged with spiritual energies that can have a transforming effect. Wherever you are, you should scatter this dust and sanctify that place; then, no matter where you live, that place will become as sacred as Vrindavan.”

The Upanishads …… ‘He alone sees who sees all beings as himself.’

“….. Spiritual growth usually begins with a sense of discontentment with the present condition of your life ….. no matter what your external condition is, you have to find your inner happiness – that point which connects you to God,” she said

“How does that happen?” I asked.

“By inquiring and questioning all the time,” she replied.

…. “Why are we here is the first question. Feel this in your heart; not just in your head” ……. “The answer is irrelevant because everyone has a different point of view. ….. Simply becoming aware of such a question will have a transforming effect upon you,” she explained.

“Ma ….. what do you see and feel when you go into one of your trance states?” …….

“Words can never adequately describe what that is. Sometimes I feel a gentle rocking motion at the base of the spine. That sensation gradually travels upward, remaining at the heart centre before moving to the point in-between the brows. The energy then shoots through the fontanel on top of the head. When that happens I hear a loud sound like that of a gushing waterfall or a clap of thunder, after which a stream of liquid light pours into every part of my being. ….. My whole being gets engulfed by this energy, filling every pore with a new, intelligent, life force ……… This force moves through my body with a will of it's own that is beyond my control. I become helpless like a child. Suddenly, everything becomes abundantly clear; I am not the one who is in control. There is a higher, super-intelligent, life-sustaining energy, which is responsible for my very existence. ……. Sometimes these experiences are so potent that I cannot contain the force within the limitations of my body. During those times, I feel I am fluctuating between life and death, between sanity and madness …… This is certainly not a mental affliction, but a state that takes you beyond the mind, beyond the level of thought patterns, into a state of being fully conscious through every cell, every pore of your being. At times this energy becomes so overpowering, I feel the boundaries of my physical form starting to dissolve, and when that happens, I cannot adequately describe the breathtaking beauty I perceive … when I experience a total absence of separation, where everything becomes a part of me and I am part of everything.”

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