Friday, April 23, 2010

Movie Review: Patthar Ke Sanam (The Stonehearted Lover) (1978) (Hindi Film)

A forgettable film in terms of storyline and the movie experience. But there are some takeaways.

Two charming leading ladies: with different leanings. Mumtaz the younger of the 2 is more spontaneous, tomboyish, sweet with more than a hint of unbridled sexuality, Waheeda the elder is more mature and delightful, her impulses reined-in, no horsing around (what will all the equine terms flying around)

Part of the charm of watching this movie is that this is one of the (or very possibly ‘the’) first movie that I have seen in a theatre in this lifetime. So this was also a nostalgia trip.

A hark back to the days of miscued colour combinations: dark pink carpets and bright red curtains, red walls of the same shade and green sofas all in the same frame; the initial flush of making color films maybe. W.R. in a shocking pink outfit (with a light green ‘odhni’) against a backdrop of a bed of red roses, Pran in a red embroidered jacket and purple turban. MK is a dark muddy red outfit, the same cloth used for the shirt and the trouser and it goes on. And in a strange sort of way, its quite comforting too looking back at those times and colour schemes.

Anway, the songs are what deserve a mention here

Whether its the chirpy song: Tauba Ye Matwali Chaal

Mehboob Mere – very hummable

Ye Chotasa Nazrana Piya Yaad Rakhoge – was totally besotted by Waheeda in this charming song

Patthar ke Sanam tujhe hamne khuda jana – sung so wonderfully by Rafi and Mumtaz looks terribly charming in this song. The movie for me really alternates betwixt besottement over Waheeda and Mumtaz.

But hang on, doesn’t Rafi say ‘tuje’ instead of ‘tujhe’ as it should be said? Hmm, or is there is problem with my hearing.


Waheeda Rehman
Manoj Kumar
Lalita Pawar
Aruna Irani

Story: Gulshan Nanda
Screenplay and Dialogue: Akhtar Ul-Iman
Playback: Lata, Asha, Mukesh, Rafi
Photography: Sudhin Majumdar
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music: Laxmi-Pyare
Produced by A.A.Nadiadwala
Directed by Raja Nawathe

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