Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OshoSpeak – 2009: #6

From ‘The Perfect Master Volume 1. Talks on Sufi Stories’

A certain man decided that he would seek the Perfect Master.

He read many books, visited sage after sage, listened, discussed and practiced, but he always found himself doubting or unsure.

After twenty years he met a man whose every word and action corresponded with his idea of the totally realized man.

The traveler lost no time. “You,” he said, “seem to me to be the Perfect Master. If you are, my journey is at an end.”

“I am, indeed, described by that name,” said the Master.

“Then, I beg of you, accept me as a disciple.”

“That,” said the Master, “I cannot do; for while you may desire the Perfect Master, he, in turn, requires only the Perfect Pupil”

….who are you?…….from where have you gathered? from books? from discussions? from arguments? They are all borrowed. And in your ignorance you have gathered all kinds of nonsense.
………How can you understand the Koran? To understand… will need the heart of a Mohammed. How can you understand the Geeta? To understand… will need Krishna-consciousness

The ancient Jews had a word; that word is ‘maranatha’ – it means “Come, Lord, come!” That is prayer. “I am ready. My heart is open for you! I am waiting. Come, Lord, come!”

The Buddhist moves by negating: This is not the truth, that is not the truth – neti, neti – neither this nor that…..When you have eliminated all, that which remains and cannot be eliminated any more is the truth.

Sufism is based on positivity. Don’t negate, don’t use no, say yes……Don’t think of ugliness, misery, think of beauty and joy.

Both are there. And you cannot use both together – you will go mad if you use both together……….One has to use one; the other will be there but as a shadow, just complementary to it.

In Zen you use no………..People who follow Zen reach…….That is their way.

The Sufi way is just the opposite……..and slowly slowly, it arrives at the same goal……… flows through the valleys and mountains of love.

Zen flows through a desert land. The desert also has its own beauty………..If you are a lover of the desert, don’t be worried about it. People have reached through the desert to the ultimate. But if you are not, then there is no need to torture yourself in the desert. There are green valleys too.

Sufism moves through green valleys. Now this too is very strange, but that is how the mind functions: Sufism was born in a desert; Zen was born in a green valley. Maybe that’s why it happened so.

…………….Sufis talk about love, of paradise……They think of God as the Beloved. They talk about wine…….they talk about drunkenness

…………..Feel both. Feel Sufi dancing, and feel vipassana. And whatsoever fits with you …..and when something fits, you will know………….suddenly everything falls in tune, a great harmony arises.

……………And never impose your path on anybody else, never, because that may not be the path for the other. Share your joy, but never try to convert anybody to your principle….never become a missionary. The word ‘missionary’ is dirty

I talk to you about Sufism and about Zen so that one day you can go beyond both. You have to go beyond all standpoints!......beyond all kinds of principles, dogmas, paths, methods, techniques…….I am neither theist nor an atheist, neither a Hindu nor a Mohammedan,

I am simply awareness – full of love. You can also become that, because whatsoever I have become you can become, because wherever you are I was there one day, with the same agony, the same suffering………….Thats why I say you can also be just like me.

A Sufi teacher was visited by a number of people of various faiths who said to him, “Accept us as your disciples, for we see that there is no remaining truth in our religions, and we are certain that what you are teaching is the one true path.”

The Sufi said, “Have you heard of the Mongol Halaku Khan and his invasion of Syria.? Let me tell you.”

“The Vizier Ahmad of the Caliph Mustasim of Baghdad invited the Mongol to invade his master’s dominions. When Halaku had wont the battle of Baghdad, Ahmad went out to meet him, to be rewarded. Halaku said, ‘Do you seek your recompense?’ and the Vizier answered, ‘Yes’”

“Halaku told him, ‘You have betrayed your own master to me, and yet you expect me to believe that you will be faithful to me.’ He ordered that Ahmad should be hanged.”

“Before you ask anyone to accept you, ask yourself whether it is not simply because you have not followed the path of your own teacher. If you are satisfied about this, then come and ask to become disciples.”

Real meditation is Zen, vipassana………is doing nothing but to sit silently, doing nothing………….There is no other technique… mantra has to be repeated….no prayer……no god’s name…….You simply sit….but that is the hardest thing to do in the world. Looks so simple!

Sitting silently,
Doing nothing
And the spring comes
And the grass grows by itself………..

……..Just allowing your existence as it is without covering it in any way.


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